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COOLING TOWER - Furnish and install AQUA-LOOP Model MB-____ , factory or on site assembled, induced draft, counterflow, and vertical air discharge. Overall dimensions shall not exceed ____ feet in diameter and overall height not to exceed approximately ____ feet. The operating weight shall not exceed ____ pounds.

PERFORMANCE - Unit shall have capacity to cool ____ GPM of water from ____ oF to ____ oF with ____ oF entering wet-bulb temperature. Performance of cooling tower shall be manufacturer tested in accordance with C.T.I. Acceptance Test Code ATC-105.

CASING AND COLD WATER BASIN - Casings and cold water basin shall be constructed of non-ferrous, high strength, quality fiberglass reinforced polyester (F.R.P.) with ultra-violet (U.V.) stabilized and exterior gel-coated for long-life and durability. Design shall provide quick removal of single casing section for total access to all components of tower for maintenance and service. Standard accessories in the cold water basin shall be all non-ferrous materials of P.V.C., F.R.P., A.B.S., stainless steel and brass.

AIR INLET LOUVERS - The design shall minimize inlet air resistance, prevent water splash-out during operation and under high wind conditions; minimize direct sunlight entry to prevent bacterial growth environment; and reduce water-splash noise in rain zone below fill from leaving the tower. Design shall also provide quick inlet section removal for total access to cold water basin.

DRIVER SYSTEM - Fan motor shall be U.L. Standard, (TEFC/TEAO), weather-proof, and suitable for outdoor service on ____ volts, ____ HZ and ____ phase with HP. Motor shall be direct drive up to model MB-200, and belt driven at MB-250 - 1250. Reducers on belt drive shall be totally sealed and no maintenance required.

FAN SYSTEM - Fan shall be heavy duty, axial flow type with wide, lightweight aluminum alloy airfoil design blades. Fan to revolve in F.R.P. unique design cylinder to maximize fan efficiency at low revolutions, with super low noise levels, and provide optimum air quantity CFM. Model MB-125, and up shall be adjustable pitch to further minimize power consumption. <

DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - The system shall have non-ferrous P.V.C. sprinkler arms joined to rotating plastic A.B.S. or aluminum alloy sprinkler heads mounted onto P.V.C. standpipe. The system shall provide even water distribution at optimum pump head, and discharge its water immediately over FILL preventing excessive drift (carry-over). Model MB-90, and up shall provide drift eliminators over-sprinkler arms with tension wire made from stainless steel.

WET DECK (FILL) - The cooling tower FILL shall be rigid P.V.C. (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) and be resistant to rot, decay or biological attack, and be self-extinguishing for fire resistance with a flame spread rating of 5 per ASTM-E84-81a. Fill surface shall be state-of-the-art to induce turbulent mixing between air and water to maximize heat and moisture transfer. All models shall contain P.V.C. fill to withstand up to 130oF water temperature. Applications requiring higher temperatures shall provide C.P.V.C. as an option.

SUPPORT COMPONENTS (1) - Supports for motor, fan, reducer, fan guard and fills shall be hot-dipped galvanized steel. Tower supports on models MB-200, and up shall be hot-dipped galvanized steel; on all other models to be F.R.P. All fasteners shall be stainless steel. Tower shall be designed to withstand 100 M.P.H. wind speed and wind load of approximately 30 pounds per square foot.

LADDERS (1) – Model MB-40, and up shall include a hot-dipped galvanized steel ladders for access to mechanical components.


PERFORMANCE - Thermal performance on MB Series shall be as specified and guaranteed by AQUA-LOOP COOLING TOWERS CO.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - AQUA-LOOP COOLING TOWER CO. personnel shall make every effort to insure each project order is completed promptly and accurately.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE - AQUA-LOOP COOLING TOWER CO. provides technical support services through our Representatives for all Cooling Tower applications. Maintenance and inspections are available upon request.

EQUIPMENT WARRANTY - AQUA-Loop’s F.R.P. Round Cooling Towers shall carry a Five (5) Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all F.R.P. components. Electrical motor Manufacturer shall warrant motors at a minimum of One (1) Year.


(1) Can be supplied in Stainless Steel upon request.

* Aqua-Loop Cooling Towers Company reserves the right to change the specification in any manner without notice.

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